How NOT to use Twitter

I happened to read another blog this morning with the headline: How to Tweet Your Way Out of a Job.  I thought it a comical (albeit sad) outcome of misusing Twitter.  The Internet has given way to oodles and oodles of “social media” outlets — places where people can connect and learn and do business.  But you have be awfully careful how you use these tools.  

The problem with Twitter — and Facebook and MySpace and any other social website — is that it can be awfully hard to control who can see what you do and who can’t.  Rather than worry about keeping someone from seeing something that may be devastating to a relationship, business deal or job opportunity, it’s better to simply not post that potentially-devastating thing at all.  

When you use social media websites (WHEN, not IF — they’re becoming more and more prominent), excercise care to always stay “on message.”  Just as if you’re meeting clients or vendors face-to-face, always try to make a good impression and put your best foot forward.  Just because you can tweet or blog from your house in your pajamas doesn’t mean you ought to portray that to your audience.


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