The Elephant in the Room

I’ve heard from some folks who are concerned about their marketing messages having the desired impact during these rough economic times.  Should you tip-toe around the fact that jobs are being cut all over the country?  Should you ignore the economy in your marketing?  Maybe you should cut your losses and just stop marketing for the time being.

I say NO to all three of these (as well as any number of other similar responses).  When things are as bad as they are (or good, for that matter), you ought to come right out and address what’s going on.  Your audience is dealing with the same things your dealing with, and ignoring it makes you seem out of touch.  

In fact, time like these are exactly when you can nab market share from your competitors.  Just show your customers and potential customers that you can relate to them, and help them during these times.  In our marketing, we’re working to convince business owners that right now is the perfect time to purchase commercial property.  Property values have decreased, and interest rates are near all-time lows.  Not many other commercial lenders are still lending, but we are.  Not many commercial lenders are willing to work with them and give them competitive interest rates and good terms, but we are.  We’re positioning ourselves as the go-to commercial lender who is sticking around when others are faltering.  

Just a couple nights ago, I saw a commercial for Domino’s Pizza, and they’re running promotions to help people save money during the recession.  They’re calling it their Big Tast Bailout.  Part of the promo is free pizza for a year, and they’re posting videos of the people who win.  In the original video they posted, Domino’s CEO Dave Brandon says that CEOs are lining up for a bailout in Washington, D.C., but he’s not looking to GET a bailout . . . he’s here to GIVE one.  They’re playing on everyone’s hatred of the way giant corporations (Wall Street, auto makers, etc.) are behaving, and showing them that Domino’s is on their side.  You can do this in your business, and it can be fun, too.  What are some ways you can tackle the recession (or any other “elephant in the room”)?

There are lots of examples other than the Domino’s commercial I just mentioned.  What are your favorites?


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